Life Lately...


It’s been awhile since I touched this space-it’s not for a want of writing, I have a million thoughts I’d love to share and several posts pre-planned. To be honest I stopped to take the beauty of the everyday in, to live in it and soak it up. Then, I never felt like I had a minute to write it all down because it was happening so fast. I still feel this way, but that’s why I’ve become so passionate about writing it all down, and why I’m here now.

You’ll see several changes around here along with imperfection-stylistically there will be empty columns until they are filled. Little reminders to myself of posts I’m dreaming to write. You might also notice the purpose of this space is dedicated to sharing our adventures in parenthood. I’ve struggled with sharing pictures, moments, etc. on social media because…well I can’t exactly pinpoint the reason except I have this overwhelming desire to protect our little family’s privacy and for Arabella to not grow up with a camera in her face. This is still my aim, but what a better way to write it all down and have everything together than right here?