Our Love Story: Part Four

A few days later, the messages between Jacob and I started. I vividly remember texting him while I was walking around Ikea and laughing out loud by how funny he was! He remembers having held his phone in hands multiple times before we started talking, trying to figure out what to say! The sweetest thing is that when Jacob had decided on what to text me, he had his phone in his hands at Starbucks and my message popped up, he still talks about what a sweet surprise this was!

As our messages progressed, so did phone calls. I truly did blow a fuse when I put in a higher watt lightbulb from my Ikea lamp on accident and called Jacob to figure out how to fix my power. That was only the first ten minutes of our first phone call...As November came to a close Jacob mentioned he would be in town in December and would love to hang out. Truthfully I thought we were going to be hanging out with a friend that Jacob was in town visiting, but Jacob never intended this to be the case! 

We planned to grab a bite to eat and then see the new movie Brooklyn, the classic makings of a date! 

Jacob, unaccustomed to Houston traffic and the tollway, arrived a few minutes late and embarrassed by his lateness went straight into Torchy's looking for me. When he couldn't find me, he thought I left! Poor guy! I was sitting in my car, listening to Christmas music unaware of what was happening behind me when he called me, and profusely apologized for being a few minutes late. 

As I walked up and saw Jacob standing outside, slightly shivering, but beaming with the biggest smile, the first thing I said to him as we hugged was, "Where's your jacket? Aren't you freezing?" True gentleman fashion he insisted he was warm natured and didn't mind the cold. As he opened the door and we walked inside, all I think about was how he handsome he looked and that smile of his. 

To be continued...