Our Love Story: Part Three

When we made it back from the reception (with lovely and quite dramatic renditions of "Let It Go") time became irrelevant as it was in college. 

As everyone caught up, my relationship status became a topic of conversation. My aunt had set me up with a colleague of hers, and after a few minutes explaining the details and my confusion at the entire situation, phone messages were needed for evaluation.

It was at this moment that Jacob sat down next to me and said, "I'm pretty good at this, let me see your phone." 

Let me back up a minute and let you know that Jacob and I met when we were nineteen at the house he was living in, and I vividly remember the night we met. He was holding back a black dog, wearing a ball cap and blue fleece jacket. I was very intrigued and wished we could have visited longer, but he had to study (Jacob says his sophomore year was a beast). Throughout college we were in the same group of friends and I would always hear everyone say how sweet and kind he was. I always thought the same. There was a night when he was dating someone that I almost blurted out, "Why are you dating her? You should date me!" And I always loved his last name. Driving to Baylor, I would pass a sign inscribed with it, and literally say out loud, " I love that name." I trusted Jacob and I knew he would be honest.

Jacob later told me he tried to stand as close to me as possible in this picture !

Jacob later told me he tried to stand as close to me as possible in this picture!

The night seemed to wrap up after a few minutes of scrolling through messages and everyone made plans for breakfast at Cracker Barrel the next morning. 


It's funny because I remember wanting to talk to Jacob the moment I saw him the next morning and unsure of what to say, I asked if he knew if a friend had gone to the bathroom-but from then on we didn't stop talking. 

As we sat down at the table, we sat next to each other. And when it came time to bless the food, I requested that Jacob say grace. We both still talk about holding hands that morning during the prayer. As breakfast went on, we talked about Austin, movies, books and how I should come to the Violet Crowne sometime. 

When breakfast ended and everyone said their goodbyes and parted ways I looked out in the parking out sad that I missed seeing Jacob drive off. Little did I know that on the way back to Austin I would be the topic of conversation...

To be continued.