Our Love Story: Part Two

I still remember his smile and how it stretched to the corners of his mouth and the ways his eyes lit up when he saw me and walked across the room and gave me the warmest hug saying, "Sabrina, I haven't seen you in forever!" Jacob describes seeing me that night as being instantly drawn to me and I know that was the Holy Spirit pulling him towards me. 

I have to admit I was a bit frazzled after that, it was somehow arranged that I would lead the house party and walk down the isle first. This was not how I envisioned things happening and after some coaxing with my friend Kelsey, we switched places. As I watched the processional start, I couldn't help but notice the groom's parents and the way the groom's dad comforted his wife so lovingly it brought tears to my eyes. 

It was during the ceremony, as our friends stood up at the altar, God's voice spoke in my heart. "You're only just beginning to bloom." He was reminding me of His words from a few months before. I was at the beach in St Andrews and uncertain what the future might hold but I knew change was coming and that it was going to be good, His kind of good where he made the Heavens and Earth and saw that it was good. As I ran my hand along the waves that kissed the shoreline, I heard God speak so clearly. He was speaking to me again that night with the same words as I watched two lives become one. 

Jacob's recount of the remainder of the night is so sweet. He said the minute he could leave the head table during the reception he went searching for the table I was at. Later, he watched me from afar, always wanting to ask me to dance and trying to escape all situations where it looked like he was solely talking to someone else in case I might see.

One of the things I remember so vividly from that night is the bouquet toss. I wanted the bouquet, not for the glory, but for the promise it holds- and to my surprise, I caught it! Afterwards, I saw Jacob on the side of the dance floor and happily shared what had just happened, showing off the bouquet, and Jacob was so genuinely so happy for me! He later told me that he wanted so badly to catch the garter so we would be in a picture together and maybe dance, but the garter toss didn't have as much enthusiasm  and Jacob didn't want to seem too eager, though it did land a few inches away from him. 

Once the bride and groom ran under the sparklers and the reception was over, the after party started...

Burt Wedding
Burt Wedding