Savoring Every Moment

Time flies when you're having fun and savoring every moment of life, then when you stop to write it all down...a year passes. Jacob and I went from engaged, to wed, and now here we are almost eight months married! Life has been more beautiful and filled with happiness than I ever imagined it could be, and I am continually pointed to the verse in Psalm 23, 'my cup runneth over.'

In an effort to preserve every memory, I thought I should start from the beginning. Writing our love story is something I started many months ago, it was then I realized I will always have another page to add because we will always be living it. Picking it up again just reminds me of His faithfulness and how I wish I'd written down every prayer along the way, something I've become better about doing now. 

As I fill this blog with stories and adventures of the life that Jacob and I share, I can only hope to inspire you to ask for His blessings upon your life, because when you ask, it will be given.